Religion Research Paper topics

Religion Research Paper topics

Religion is a set of beliefs and a particular system of faith and worship. It’s accepting the existence of a supernatural force. Its worship of the divine force and believing in his control on power.

History of religions is as old as the human existence. Written record of different religions is tracked around 5000 years ago. People believed in stones, trees, animals, fire and many other objects as their god. Even Few humans also claimed to have supernatural forces and called themselves God. Historians divide the study of religion in three major eras. These eras are Axial Ages, Middle Ages and Modern periods.

Religion played a very important role in people’s life. It provides answers to understand the world better. It assigns purpose to a person’s life and keeps him/her motivated. It also helps people to bind together and develop better as a society. It helps people to shape morals, beliefs, tradition that lead to human behavior.

On the other side, religion can initiate a conflict in the society the same as it bonds the society together.

There are too many religions in the world. Few Major religions, currently practiced in the world, established in middle ages. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism are few to name here. Many people don’t believe in any supernatural force driving the world. Atheism is the absence of beliefs. We can call it a religion also as many people follow the set of beliefs that are part of atheism.

Religions research is a detailed study of different religions. This research is as important as the research in other fields. It provides insight into a religion and knowing the motives it brings for people who follow that specific religion.
Due to the complexity of religious beliefs and code of conduct its difficult to select a research topic for a religious paper. Again brainstorming and narrowing down the general idea to a specific one will help a student to choose a research topic.

Here are a few questions and research topics for you to start with.

  1. Brief History of Religious beliefs.
  2. An overview of different religions in Axial Ages.
  3. A Summary of Religions in the Middle Ages.
  4. Religions and Modern Day World.
  5. Historical Background of Judaism.
  6. History of Christianity – Initial Period and struggles faced by the devotees.
  7. Christianity as religion in today World.
  8. Different School of thoughts within Christianity.
  9. Christianity and Science in the Dark ages.
  10. European Empires and Christianity – A critical Analysis.
  11. Role of Religion in the life of Humans.
  12. Does religion help in defining the Purpose of Life.
  13. Influence of Religion on the economy.
  14. Political Systems and Religions – Past, Future and current Era.
  15. Islamic History – An Overview.
  16. Initial Period of Islam – Its influence on the Middle East.
  17. Rights of Women in Islam – An overview.
  18. Women rights in Christianity and Judaism
  19. School of thoughts in Islam – A critical Summary
  20. Effect of religion on a specific culture.
  21. History of Buddhism.
  22.  Islam and Hinduism in Modern India.
  23. Soul and Body Relation – Religious perspective.
  24. What is Death – What religions say about Life after death.
  25. Ethical Values and Religious Beliefs of the Society – Concept of Right and Wrong in religions.
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