Research paper topics on child development

Research paper topics on child development

Child development is the physical, biological, psychological and sexual growth of an infant. This development goes through different stages and helps a child become a teenager. It also includes the cognitive and emotional development of the child. It is the study of changes children go through as they develop into mature humans.

Different psychologist presented several theories for child development. Psychosexual development theory of Sigmund Freud describes the natural sexual drives as the main reason of child development. Psychosocial theory by Erik Erikson focused on social relationship as the basic force for development. Lev Vygotsky highlights the social interaction and the parent’s role as mentors in developmental tasks. Cognitive development of Jean Piaget is another important theory in child development.

All these theorists have described different stages of child development and it varies from 3 to 8 stages. In general, there are three major developmental stages of a child known as early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence. Early childhood is from birth to 8 years. Middle childhood consist of 8 to 12 years. While Adolescence ends at 18 years starting from 12 years.

There has been a lot of research on child development in the recent past. The research is still ongoing and playing a critical role for humans to understand child development. Parents can know better about the needs of their child only due to research.

Selecting different topics for research is a must-do task for all research students. Same is true for the child development and psychology students. Following is the list of few questions and topics that may help you to choose a topic for a good research paper.

  1. Comparison of different developmental Theories.
  2. Developmental Phases of a Child – How an Infant becomes and Adult
  3. Psychosocial theory in Today’s Life
  4. History of Child Development Theories
  5. Emotional Elements in the growth of a child – An overview
  6. Cognitive Development in Child – A Detailed Analysis.
  7. Parents Role in Development of a Child.
  8. Environment Impact on Child growth.
  9. Social and Cultural Norms and Child Development.
  10. Nutrition for Children at different age groups.
  11. A study of the Development Principles.
  12. Difficulties in Child Development research methodologies.
  13. Biological Growth of A child – Journey of a Newborn
  14. Heredity Influence on the Child Evolution
  15. Characteristics of healthy infants.
  16. Theories of Language Acquisition in Children – A comparative Study. 
  17. Importance of Play in Child growth. 
  18. Behavioural Changes in Children.
  19. Behaviour modification through Intervention strategies – Guideline
  20. Self Esteem – Importance of it and how to build in Children. 
  21. Child Development during the prenatal stage.
  22. Role of Educational Institutes in Child development.
  23. Mental Health Assessment at developmental stages.
  24. How to take care of abused and traumatized children – Assessment and Therapy.
  25. Effect of abusing on the development of a child.
  26. Why it is important to educate your child about sexual abuse and exploitation by others and how to avoid or report.
  27. How to enhance creativity in the children during development.
  28. Psychological growth in children – Different stages
  29. Time spent by Parents with Children – Its effect on Child Mind development
  30. Child Ego During different Developmental stages – Its impact on Child behaviour

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