Political research paper topics

Political research paper topics

Politics is an activity of deciding in groups and relations of power between individuals. Political Science refers to the academic study of politics.

History of politics is as old as the human existence in this world. Politics is here from day one and will remain till the end of human presence in this world.

Many political theories help us to understand different political eras. We can understand better the reasons behind a specific political system due to these theories.

Major Political systems are Democracy, Monarchy and authoritarianism. Democracy is the most famous political system. Many countries around the world have the democracy. There are different forms of democracy such as a parliamentarian system and presidential system. Same goes for other political systems.

Another aspect of these systems is the political ideology based on socio-economic procedure such as socialism, imperialism and communism and capitalism.

A person writing a research paper on politics should know public relations, sociology, economics, history and military strategy as well. It helps to understand the political process, its causes and solution.

Fact remains the same always but interpreting it in different ways may change its perception. It’s important to know that today’s fact may become tomorrow’s propaganda based on the research. One’s opinion changes with the time, so do political systems, and their role in society always changes with the time and region.

While writing a research paper on politics, it’s important to keep the paper simple and understandable. Rather than going into details of every aspect, major causes are enough to explain a specific political event. Another way is to explain one single aspect of an event in detail. That will keep things simple for the readers.

Selecting a research paper topic in politics may be a bit easy than other subjects, yet it’s important to keep the research topic as clear as it can be.

Following are a few questions and topics that may help you in choosing a relevant topic for research paper.

  1.  Evolution of Politics – Historical Background.
  2. Relation of War and Politics in History – An Overview.
  3. Importance of Cultures in political systems.
  4. Political Science and Religions – Impact and Correlation.
  5. Political Personalities in the World that changed the politics.
  6. Comparative study of Different Political Systems – Democracy, Monarchy and Authoritarianism.
  7. Types of Democracy – Pros and Cons of Different types.
  8. Political Engineering of Superpowers – To increase their power and maintain the hold. 
  9. Impact of Political Awareness on Modern-day World.
  10. Role of Technological Advancement in Political Awareness and Education.
  11. What is Political Economy and why it’s important?
  12. Natural Resources in Third World Countries – Global Politics
  13. Politics – A tool to increase personal power and Wealth in third World countries.
  14. Public Relations and Politics – An Overview.
  15. Effect of Political Scandals.
  16. Political Impact in Wars and Diplomatic Policy.
  17. Political Ideologies – A detailed Analysis. 
  18. Impact of Communism on Modern Day Politics.
  19. Iran Revolution – How it changed Iran as a country and its relations with other countries.
  20. History of War Crimes.
  21. Legislation Process in Democracy.
  22. Incident of 9/11 – A detailed Analysis of Political changes happened due to this.
  23. Modern Political movements.
  24. Politics and Psychology – Understanding the public in a better way.
  25. European Union – Background and Future politics in Europe.
  26. Why Delegation of Power is important to serve people better.